Since the time the world witnessed the first case of Coronavirus, it has only impacted our lives in all the negative ways. Many people lost their jobs amidst the pandemic, innumberable people lost their loved ones and the ones still alive either live in the fear of contracting the deadly disease or in the uncertainty and panic of losing their jobs. Adding to all the misery are the news reports which only fill our lives with more panic and fear. 

Are we really destined to live the rest of our lives in unrest post the pandemic? Can we really not do anything about it? Will filling our lives with so much discomposure and unhappiness help in any way? The answer to all these questions is NO.

Therefore, I am writing this article as I truly want the people around me to appreciate their inner strength and work towards making their lives happier. We need to find that ray of hope which makes us feel good and inspires us to enjoy life despite the many obstacles we may face. 

To start with, we must look for the positive things in life. Your life might be surrounded with a dozen negative thoughts and experiences but you have to find a way to see through that one positive thought that will change your perspective. Challenges are a part and parcel of everyone's life, so we must be prepared to face them with optimism. Be greatful for everything that you have rather than focusing on everything that you don't possess.  In the fast paced life of just running behind the big things, we forget to appreciate the many small things. Be thankful that you are with your family, for the food you eat and most importantly for the fact that you are still alive and reading this article. Most importantly, to bring back that zeal and happiness back in our lives we must practise PHYSICAL DISTANCING and not SOCIAL DISTANCING. Even if we can't meet our loved ones, we can stay in touch with them through the use of technology. Connect with people around and make friends through social media which will in turn improve your mental well being.

You have to imbibe a new level of positivity and stand strong to face life the way it comes. It is true that life is taking us through these unprecented times, however we have to learn to be positive ,to never loose hope, to keep going, to always appreciate and value what we have and learn to look through the positive side of everything. I hope this article brings a glimmer of hope in your life and fill your life with lot of happiness, laughter and vigour.